We desire to see every person at AEC Open Door develop an intimate relationship with God through a personal prayer life. We grow in prayer through groups, Equip, and praying together on the Mondays and Sundays before service. Prayer invites the power and presence of God into our lives to accomplish His plans and purposes.

Types of Prayers We Engage In

Prayer Meetings

Prayer meetings spark a revival in our church. Prayer meetings can breathe new spiritual life into your community. Prayer meetings prompt beautiful moments of confession, desperation, and spiritual renewal.


Prayers of intercession are to be offered on behalf of other people – our friends, family, co-workers, and so on. Some people around us have needs, concerns, or health problems, so we cry out to God on their behalf.

Corporate Intercession

We get together to pray, a whole array of prayers are offered by each individual instead of the group simply bringing a few focused prayers in complete unison before the Lord.

Prayer Partners

On our own, we get distracted by the demands of life. Knowing that you have scheduled prayer times to help you budget your time and focus on prayer.

Prayer Groups

One of the most powerful ways to go about praying for others is through a small group set aside for that purpose.

Prayer Walk

A prayer walk represents a person’s or group’s active commitment to pray for a neighbourhood, community, or any place that is on their heart. Many times, churches have chosen a specific time to gather for the purpose of corporately praying for areas of their city. Some may walk together around their church building requesting the Lord’s blessings or guidance for their congregation or leadership.

How can we pray for you?

We would love to stand in faith with you and believe with you for what you are trusting God for. 

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