Pray with me us

Father we come to you in Jesus Name. We establish our legal right to the Matt 26:19 which gives us keys to the Kingdom of heaven. With it we can bind and lose as we please.
We establish ourselves tonight on Daniel 9:4 to keep your commandments and to receive your love.

We are rooted tonight on 2Chronicles 7:14 that if we repent, seek your face you will move in our behalf and heal our land. Verse 7 seven promises that your eyes and ears will be open for us.

With heaven open, the eyes and ears of our father open – we pray tonight that :

  1. Our prayers are holy and acceptable to God.
  2. We receive free passage for our prayers to you
  3. We are seated on the heavenly places and war from that plane and realm
  4. Let there be multiple breakthrought
  5. We shatter glass ceilings above us
  6. We call for a shift in the heavens as we advance and take authority
  7. We move against environments, powers, curses, situations, plans, schemes, principalities that are hostile against us, against our church, against our children, against our lives, against our livelihood, against our ministry, against our city, our country, our government, our fathers, our mothers, against our families in JESUS Name
  8. We pray for a shift that it’s in our Favour in all life’s domains
  9. Favor economically
  10. Favor socially
  11. Favour ecclesiastically
  12. Favour culturally
  13. Favour in all we say and do
  14. Let the atmosphere be filled with your Glory, your Wisdom, your majesty
  15. Let our children thrive o God
  16. Let our families thrive
  17. Let our church thrive
  18. Let our ideas thrive
  19. Let our businesses thrive
  20. Let our testimony thrive
  21. Let our neighbor thrive
  22. Let our lives tell your story
  23. Let us be the salt and the light of the world

For this we ask in the name that had been exalted above all others : the name of Jesus